A Comparative Study Between Revolution and Revolution Plus for Cats

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With the all-new Revolution Plus for cats hitting the markets, feline parents that once used Revolution are rapidly switching to the product’s upgraded version. But stop, before you make the switch, we’d recommend you to first read this blog wherein we will be comparing both the Zoetis products by talking about their similarities and differences. But before we do so, let us quickly have a brief description of both the products.

Revolution for Cats

Revolution has been in the pet market for a fairly long time and has been regarded as one of the finest broad-spectrum products. This spot-on treatment is effective on a number of parasites and is safe for kittens and cats, including pregnant, lactating, and breeding ones. Moreover, it’s also very cost-effective with packs being sold starting from just $29 onwards only on BudgetPetCare.

Revolution Plus for Cats

Revolution Plus, as you all know, is the advanced version of the well-renowned Revolution. Like Revolution, it is a multi-spectrum treatment that is effective on several parasites. It is also very safe for kittens and cats of all breeds.

Similarities Between Revolution and Revolution Plus

There are several similarities between the Zoetis products, and they have been jotted down below.

#1. Manufacturer

Since Revolution Plus is the advanced version of Revolution, it’s obvious both products will have the same manufacturer. The manufacturing company of both these quality products is none other than Zoetis.

#2. Fleas

Revolution and Revolution Plus, both are powerful flea destroyers. They eliminate fleas and flea eggs with ease and prevent future flea infestations for one full month.

#3. Minimum Age Limit

The minimum age limit of both Zoetis products is 6 weeks. This means, kittens and cats over 6 weeks of age only are eligible for this treatment.

#4. Heartworm Prevention

Revolution and Revolution Plus for cats are excellent at preventing heartworm disease. They are effective for 4 continuous weeks.

#5. Hookworms and Roundworms

Both the products aid in eliminating and controlling heavy infestations of intestinal worms such as hookworms and roundworms.

#6. Ear Mites

Both products also aid in controlling and preventing ear mites effectively. It prevents future infestations for approximately four weeks.

#7. Mode of Administration

The mode of administration of both Revolution and Revolution Plus is done topically. They are both spot-on treatments that need to be applied to the cat’s bare skin.

#8. Dosage Pattern

The dosage or treatment pattern of Revolution and Revolution Plus is monthly. This means both products are to be administered on a monthly basis.

Differences Between Revolution and Revolution Plus

The table given below depicts the differences between Revolution and Revolution Plus. Go through it thoroughly.

Final Thoughts

As you can clearly see, both Revolution and Revolution Plus for cats have their respective pros and cons. So before you pick any, make sure you know what your feline is suffering from. For instance, if your buddy is down with fleas, you have the choice of picking both. But Revolution would be the better option since it costs less than Revolution Plus. On the other hand, if your cat is infested with ticks, then Revolution Plus would obviously be your pick because Revolution does not treat ticks. Hence, the selection purely belongs on what illness your cat is suffering from. Moreover, before you purchase any of the two products, make sure you’re consulting your local vet before doing so.


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