Top 8 Tips To Protect Your Pet In Cold Weather From Snow-bite

protect pets from snow bites

The cold chills have already been making their way through the passage in the doors and windows. Haven’t you felt that chilly spike because of the cold. The wintery air has filled the atmosphere and it is the time to give that little extra cuddly warmth to your furry kid. For some pets, it’s really fun to run in that snow or snuggle near the hearth, while for some it is a great sleepy time to relax and cuddle around.

However, spine-chilling weather with the huge piles of snow brings a nightmare to keep not only yourselves warm but also your furry pals. Take the time out to give the extra care to your pets and help them stay warm, safe and happy during the snowy months.

Protect Your Pet From Snow Bites In Cold Weather

Indoors or Outdoors

pet safety in cold weather

Does your pet spend most of the time outdoors or in the backyard? During the freezing months, you might be thinking to take him inside as nobody wants their pets to turn into an icicle. Furry pals are simply awesome and we love to give them all the warmth.

Truth Beyond Myths

dog and cat sitting out in cold weather

If your pet is simply an outdoor animal, then you need to take care of some things. Never have this prejudice that the fur coat is enough for your fur kid. Not, all pets have that thick coat to cover them and save them from chilly winds. Provide your dog a perfect shelter that is dry, warm and draft free. Also take care that the shelter should also follow the state laws if any that applies.

Frozen Dinners – Say NO To Them

pets eating frozen Foods

As it’s too cold during the winter, your outdoor dog uses more energy to keep himself warm.  So, take care that you provide ample of food to these animals. However, ensure that you do not feed them cold frozen food. This on the other hand can harm your pet. Along with food, remember to provide clean water to your pet for drinking. Keep water bowl filled with fresh water. Check that fleas and other insects do not make it their playground. Though ice may be a fun for you, but your furry pal does not like to lick through that ice lump to quench his thirst. Therefore, ensure that you check the water bowl now and then and supply little warm water.

Latest Fad Diet

low calorie pet foods

Compared to outdoor pets, indoor animals require less calories as they sleep more in the winter to keep themselves warm. Moreover, you are not taking them outside for a walk or exercise. This further lowers the energy requirement. Therefore, you need to feed them accordingly so they do not add up the extra flab as nobody wants an obese pet.

Frosty the Snowman

pet with Snowman

Don’t think that we are talking about any Hollywood movie. In winters, frosting is a serious problem, especially when it comes to paws, tips of tails, face, nose and ears. Being aware of this condition, it becomes quite important to take care of your furry pal. Buy booties for their paws, bring coats and may be a hat during the walks to keep them safe from the bitter cold. Also, look for the frostbite such as blister, firm and waxy skin. Finding blisters, apply pet antiseptic cream such as Dermaclens or Epi-otic. This cream helps to recover from blisters and smoothens the cracked skin. It is also necessary to apply to keep away the dry skin.

The Deadly Drink

deadly drinks for pets

During winter, there are certain deadly drinks easily spilled over everywhere. The worst of them is antifreeze, which is usually sprayed on the roads and some leaks from the car radiator. Licking it, may be delicious for your pet but at the same time, it can be quite fatal even the small amount of it. So, have an eye on them that they do not lick any such spills. Also clean your garage for such spills and never allow them to wander alone near the garage or in your neighborhood. Also, when you take your dog on a walk, do not allow him to lick anything from the roadway.

If you find that your pooch is behaving odd like “drunk”, take him immediately to a vet as this may result into some complications.

Salty Solution


During winters, when there is snow everywhere, you may usually find that there is salt in the either side of the roads and sidewalks. These salts are usually used to melt ice for clearing the way for easy transportation. However, they are dangerous and bitterly harsh on pet paws not also sparing the beautiful vegetation and corroding concrete.

Joy Ride


salty surrounding for pets

During winter times, cars are quite attractive for animals especially for cats. These felines, they jump under the hood and snuggle in that warm area. There are many incidents, you might have come across, where the cats jump suddenly when a motorist starts the car. Sometimes, there are accidents, where the animal has to be taken to the vet immediately. To avoid such accidents, it is paramount to tap the hood of your car before starting the car. Definitely, you are disturbing the sweet dream of a kitty, but you are making her go for a long cheerful journey.

Winter is the time with lots of things. Christmas, Snow, New Year and many other things to enjoy. Snuggle a little with your furry pal to get and give warmth along with enjoying the beautiful snow-filled landscape providing that extra care during colder months.


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