20 Exciting Ways To Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day

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Cats are considered a symbol of elegance and poise all over the world. They are still revered in some regions and in most others, they are like BFFs. When we hold them in our arms, their soft and fluffy body entices us to cuddle them more. Our love for these munchkins is immeasurable. So, what better reason can we get to caress and hug our kitties and make them feel special than a National Hug your Cat Day which openly proclaims to shower love to our beloved animal.

June 4th, celebrated as Hug Your Cat Day is an opportunity to thank your cat for being there in your lows and showering their affection silently. Revert those eye-blinks and head-butting that has relaxed you when you have come home with the baggage of stress. It is the day to spend time with your kitty and convey your gratitude for her presence in your life.


Celebrate Hug Your Cat Day


To help you make the most out of this day, we have brought you 20 exciting suggestions to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day full of joy and cheers.

20 exciting suggestions to celebrate Hug Your Cat Day

1. Play Hide And Seek With Your Cat

2. Host a Party With Lots Of Catnip

3. Hug Someone else’s Kitty Too

4. Visit Cat Shelter For More Hugs

5. Give Her Variety Of Toys To Play

6. Bring Cat Treats To Reward Her

7. Brush Her Fur And Give Her A Nice Massage

8. Take Her To A Cat Salon

9. Croon For Your Kitty

10. Go For Bird-watching

11. Take Her On A Road Trip

12. Plant Wheat-grass In Your House

13. Make Cat Hiding And Playing Areas With Cardboard Boxes

14. Bath Her With A Nice Shampoo For Smooth And Soft Fur

15. Make A Tent For Her

16. Prepare Her Favorite Meal Or Bring One From Market

17. Take Her For a Picnic

18. Watch Cat Videos With Her

19. Bask Under The Sun With Your Kitty

20. Give Her Lots Of Hugs and Cuddles!

Cats are love. They deserve to be treated specially. Their subtle ways of displaying affection are adorable making us feel wonderful and loved. To thank her for all this affection, these 20 ideas will work just perfectly to celebrate her company on National Cat Hug Day. So, cheers and don’t forget to snuggle up with your kitty in bed. What better way to end a perfect day, right?!

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