Year Round Flea Season – Does it Matter for Your Pets?

‘Winter up fleas down, summer up fleas are back!’ – Normally, most of pet parents ingrain this statement in their minds. In winters, when fleas are not seen, they think that these nasty parasites are gone and will only come back when the temperature shoots up. However, this is a common misconception among the pet parents, whereas the truth is fleas are always there in the environment. They just hide in your homes or hibernate during the cold months.

The chances of flea infestation during winter are quite less but that does not imply that your pet is safe, so you should stop providing flea prevention treatment. If you forego this then it is possible that fleas can multiply and cost you a lot more due to flea infection on your pet.

We usually find that in spring and summer, fleas are often back and during winter, we never find fleas. This makes pet owners stop giving flea treatment. However, this is the biggest mistake. Cooler months are the prime time for fleas as they thrive in warm weather with high humidity, which mostly exists in the southern region. Despite, the cold weather climate, fleas can thrive in your house. Therefore, to prevent unlikely infestation, it is better to provide year-round flea treatment.

Most pet parents treat their pets only when they find fleas on their pets. They assume that they can save on monthly medication by treating their pets only when they see fleas on pets or around the house. Remember that even when the flea infestation is at mid-stage, you can only see 5% of the adult fleas. The other 95% of the infestation on the pet is flea eggs, apart from flea pupae or larvae found in the environment such as carpet, humid places, floor crevices, or yard.

By the time pet parents find fleas on their pets, these external parasites are all over the home and heavily infest pets. In any season, once flea infestation occurs, though its frequency is less in winter, it can spread over the whole house and onto multiple pets. Furthermore, once pets are infested, it is too difficult to get rid of these pests. They cost you much more compared to monthly flea prevention medication and added to this, fleas transmit diseases, which can be harmful.

In order to avoid such conditions, it is beneficial to treat your pets in advance with flea preventives such as Frontline, Advantage II, and K9 Advantix II. These medications are highly effective and can easily remove fleas. Treating your pets with these medications can protect them from sudden infestation or reoccurrence of the same.