Why Frontline Plus not Working Anymore?


Frontline Plus is a popular flea treatment for cats and dogs. It has been providing excellent flea control since years. A favorite of pet parents, this chemical treatment claims to kill 100% adult fleas within 12 hours of application and boasts of destroying flea larvae, egg and pupae for four continuous weeks. The Merial product, has always received rave reviews but a sudden upsurge suggests that Frontline Plus is not working. Quite a few pet parents question its productivity and rule out claims of absolute flea protection. It has become a debatable issue, which confuses pet parents to use this medication, or not? While most of them are happy with the results, there are a reasonable number of people disappointed with the results of Frontline Plus. Lot of research and surveys are being conducted to find a logical reason for the contrasting behavior of the flea medication. Coming to a common judgment may take time but few of the obvious reasons are listed as follows.

Reasons for dampening performance of Frontline Plus

Immunity to Frontline Plus

Although, Frontline Plus is clinically proven to remove, eliminate and prevent 100% fleas, some reports suggest that fleas in some areas have become immune to this product. It is tested that fleas found in areas where it has been used for years show a high degree of immunity towards fipronil, the active ingredient of this product. There is anecdotal evidence suggesting pests in certain locations show resistance to Frontline flea and tick products.

Heavily Infested Area

Frontline Plus is a chemical formulation that paves way to complete elimination and prevention of fleas. However, unlike the claims, it has not been giving good results in certain areas of America. The big reason is the area in which the dog resides. Pets living in heavily infested areas are susceptible to flea hopping even if they are treated. It is because the pet can catch up on new fleas repeatedly and thus even after killing parasites found on the pet’s body, one can always find few of  them resting on your pet’s body.

Time to Control Severe Infestations

There are various reasons for the spread of fleas. Starting from flea transfer from other infested pets to existing fleas in the environment, everything contributes to the chances of re-occurrence of fleas. According to statistics, it takes months to control heavy infestation. This time taking activity may seem like inefficacy of Frontline Plus. Thus, rather than considering it as time delay, pet parents take it as inefficacy of Frontline Plus and draw a wrong conclusion.

There have been only few cases disapproving the efficiency of the Merial product. But still Moreover, it has become a topic of debate and animal pharmaceutical research to find clinical reasons why Frontline Plus is not working. Many veterinarians still recommend the product to their clients so, checking with the Veterinarian is an ideal solution before jumping on to any conclusion of this popular and reliable pet care supply.

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