Protect Your Pet During Winter And Cold Weather

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Protect Your Pet During Winter

Winter is that time of the year when there is cold temperature outside, dark skies and a winter storm on the way. All these things are quite dangerous for the health of your pet. If you want to ensure winter care tips for your furry pal, follow these tips given below:

Tips For Caring For Your Pet This Winter

1. Light Therapy

light therapy for pets

During winters, pets sleep more than usual since they are suffering from wintertime blues – a mood disorder that results in depression during the winter seasons. Just like humans, dogs too are sensitive to light and due to less light there is a decreased natural brain chemicals like serotonin that contributes to their mood. The best resort to solve this situation is by opening the curtains on sunny days and leave the lamp lit on dark days. In recent times, full-spectrum lighting is being used in the treatment of seasonal affective disorder, through the use of these types of light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight.

2. Walking Safely In Winter

safety walking dog in the winter

Due to icy winters it is very dangerous to walk your pooch, especially if he is a puller. In order to protect yourself it is important to teach your leashed dog to heel while walking. Have the leashed dog sit by your left side and call his name to attract your attention. Instruct him with the words “let’s go” and then start walking. While walking, keep your shoulder at the left leg. If he pulls ahead, tell him “No!!” and give me a gentle tug with the leash and praise him with the treat when he obeys. Once the walk ends, give him lots of praise for the job well-done.

3. Protecting The Paws

Protecting Pet's Paws

In winters, dog’s paws can get hurt due to ice, salt and chemical de-icers. Trim the hair between the dog’s toes and paw pads with rounded scissors in such a way that ice and salt do not stick to his feet. After your doggy comes from outside, mix a quarter cup of Epsom salt in a bathtub with cool, shallow water to soak your pet’s paws for a minimum of 10 minutes. The cool water will soothe the itching while Epsom salts will get rid of any irritation. Do not allow the pet to drink the water in order to avoid stomach upset.

4. Indoor Games for Pets

indoor games for pets

Winter is that time of the year when your furry pal will spend most of his time indoors. So, you need to keep him active and stimulated all the time. The best way to do that is by transforming the game of fetch into a series of instruction like “sit”, “stay”, “retrieve” and “come”. In addition to this, play games like Hide-and-Seek so that your furry pal is able to use his natural instincts. Go in another room and call your furry pal. Wait for a couple of minutes. If he is still unable to find you, come out and enthusiastically praise him when he notices you. Reward the pet when he finds you. The sole purpose of this activity is to make it a fun and inspirational activity. After some time, hide in more challenging areas of the house. This way your pet will have a great time with you during winters.

5. Ease Off Anxiety During The Storm

pets anxiety during winter

Your doggy might be afraid of the winter storm and so he might try to hide and depict signs of distress when he sees the storm approaching. The best workaround to the situation is to get a Thundershirt to calm your pet. This product has a calming influence on the doggy since it exerts smooth, consistent pressure to calm your pooch. Hence, once the doggy has put on Thundershirt they are relieved from anxiety, fearfulness and much more. On top of this, you can even wear him a calming coat, set up a crate or a pop-up tent to serve as a protective retreat.

So, how are you planning to take care of your furry pal this winter?


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