Secrets to a Healthy, Happy Dog

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Have you ever witnessed two dog owners chatting in the park?  Most often, you find them comparing pets, discussing dog health issues and exchanging ideas. 

A healthy, happy dog is the cynosure of all eyes.  Nobody likes to cuddle a smelly dog.  A cheerful face, shiny coat and pleasant smell are the telltale signs of a healthy dog.

How do you know your dog is content?  Dogs have physiological and psychological needs similar to humans. Here are some essential dog health tips to keep your friend in prime health and happy mood.

  • Diet has a direct bearing on dog health and obesity (and conversely malnutrition). We often go overboard in feeding dogs. They eat as much we give them. Do not overfeed or underfeed them. Always give them fresh water in a shallow, heavy dish.
  • Never feed these foods: raw meat and fish, table scraps/bones, chocolate, caffeinated drinks, excess salt, onion/garlic, dairy products, including milk, sugary foods, fruits such as avocado, grapes, peaches and plums.
  • Each dog has different dietary needs. Don’t buy tall claims by pet food companies. Feed him like a king with best of dog food bought from a reputed dog supplies store after consultation with a vet.
  • Groom, brush teeth and bathe daily.  Regular combing not only prevents skin diseases, makes dogs pretty and strengthens the bond between you.
  • Fleas are the number one enemy of dogs. Eliminate/prevent fleas, ticks and parasites of all kinds from skin and ears; schedule monthly health checkup with the vet.
  • Dog nutrition supplements are usually not necessary.  However, make an exception for sick, ageing, pregnant and nursing dogs after consulting the vet.
  • Provide warm, spacious and secure shelter.
  • Exercise, play games, hit the pool together, take daily walk, plan outdoor trips.
  • Try to understand your dog’s body language.

Finally, make dogs feel an important member of the family. Cuddle them often and always praise when they perform tasks. Be gentle with dogs. Never hit, punish, frighten or force-train.

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