Pet Dental Health Month: Why Oral Care Is Important?

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pet dental health month

It’s ignominious to find that your dog’s breath smells like a rotten egg when a friend of yours tries to cuddle him up, right? Well, you are to blame for this carelessness.

You cannot refute the fact that procrastination of some serious chores from your dog’s grooming regimen like cleaning his mouth regularly or paying vet visits for dental check-up has lead to such implications. If you really have been so careless all this while it’s time you mend your ways before your pet has to suffer from serious periodontal diseases.

This pet dental month which is observed every year to grow awareness regarding pet dental issues, make sure you shun all your laziness and maintain proper oral hygiene of your pet.

Why Dog Teeth Cleaning Is Necessary?

Dogs chew kibbles and other foodstuffs which stick to their teeth and gums. When these food remains are not removed on time, the bacteria start breeding on it causing plaque. When this plaque mixes with the saliva, it forms hard tartar which causes decay of tooth and gums, leading to pain and tooth loss. In severe cases, it also leads to gingivitis – a disease that leaves the gums permanently damaged. The loss of tooth also results in improper chewing of food and this improperly chewed food then gives rise to digestive issues in pets. Besides that, the bacteria which develop in the mouth also move to other organs of the body leading to more illnesses and damage of organs. So you see, the problem that emerges in the mouth doesn’t just stick to mouth, it travels down to the entire system.

On the contrary, when dog’s teeth are regularly brushed and mouth routinely washed, bacteria fail to flourish in the absence of deposited remains thereby preventing the formation of plaque and tartar which leads to other dental illnesses.

Other than this prominent reason, the other very important cause of keeping your dog’s mouth clean is – some dog breeds like Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Pomeranians, Daschunds and Schnauzers have a predisposition to developing periodontal diseases. Thus, upkeep of such breeds is mandatory to help them from getting dental illness at a later stage in their lives.

How To Clean Dog’s Teeth?

  • Use a good quality finger brush and canine toothpaste to clean your dog’s teeth.
  • Rub the brush till far corners of his mouth.
  • Use a dental spray to clean the plaque after your dog has just had a meal.
  • Spray it regularly.
  • Take your dog to vet for professional cleaning, every 6 months.
  • Check his mouth daily for bad breath, decayed tooth, loose tooth or any cavity.
  • Feed treats that give good exercise to gums and teeth.

dog dental health care tips during pet dental health month

Studies reveal that 80% of canines suffer from periodontal diseases because of lack of care by their pet parents. In case you fall in that category of careless parents, make sure you start paying attention to your dog’s mouth henceforth and follow a proper cleaning regimen for he stays healthy and happy forever.

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