NexGard Chewables: Vet v/s Customer Reviews

Fleas and ticks are severe headaches for pet parents. Although people nowadays emphasize the importance of using preventive treatments to keep these critters at bay, fleas and ticks are becoming resistant to traditional preventive treatments. As a result, new brands and products are entering the market that are more advanced and have more powerful spectrum. One such unique flea and tick treatment, NexGard, has garnered popularity among veterinarians and pet owners because of its multiple advantages.

But what are vets and pet parents saying about NexGard? Does their opinion coincide?

NexGard Reviews

Expert Vets’ Opinion on NexGard Chewables

According to veterinarians, NexGard is one of the most prescribed flea and tick control treatments. NexGard is an oral treatment and it is the vet’s first choice while prescribing flea and tick treatments, as these beef-flavored chewable tablets are so palatable that even the fussiest dogs love to gulp them down. Here is a brief description of the product:

NexGard Chewable- Vet’s #1 choice of Flea and Tick Treatment

  1. NexGard, a Boehringer Ingelheim product, is a beef-flavored chew that protects pets from fleas and ticks for one whole month.
  2. Delicious oral treatment eliminates fleas before they can lay eggs, preventing further infection.
  3. NexGard is also effective against three different species of ticks: American dog ticks, Deer ticks and Lone star ticks thereby effectively preventing tick-borne diseases.
  4. It is also proven to be effective in preventing tick-borne diseases like Lyme disease.

Mechanism of Working of NexGard

NexGard contains the active ingredient afoxolaner, which persists in your pet’s body for 30 days after administration, providing active protection for a month. Afoxolaner is absorbed into the bloodstream of the pet and is swallowed by insects when they bite the pet. Afoxolaner kills fleas and ticks by binding to GABA-gated and glutamate-gated chloride channels in insect and acarine nerve cell membranes. This causes hyperactivity in fleas and, in turn, causes the affected creature to critter. 

Is NexGard Safe?

This monthly treatment is completely safe for dogs over the age of eight weeks and weighing more than four pounds. However, NexGard has not been evaluated for use in dogs that are breeding, lactating, or pregnant.

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Customers’ Opinion on NexGard Chewables

NexGard has been a top-seller on Budget Pet Care for quite a long time now. Dog owners find it reliable and trustworthy as they have always got the best results.

According to one of our customers, NexGard has been their choice of treatment as it doesn’t require any messy applications and its delicious taste makes it easy to administer.

Here are some more reviews from which you can find out why customers rely on NexGard to safeguard their dogs from the danger of fleas and ticks.

NexGard: The Key Takeaways

NexGard for dogs is a win-win for both vets and customers. It has been proven to be vets’ and dog parents’ number one choice for preventing flea and tick treatment for dogs. While other flea and tick treatments can be messy and unappealing to your dog, NexGard is a dog-friendly flea and tick treatment due to its palatable flavor and bite-sized dose.

Lastly, let’s go through a quick rundown of the benefits of using NexGard for your dog:

Key Benefits:

  • One chew is effective for a month
  • Soft chews- easily accepted by dogs
  • Highly palatable: beef-flavor that is loved by dogs
  • Kills fleas and ticks quickly
  • Kills fleas before they can lay eggs so it breaks the cycle
  • Can be used as a part of a treatment strategy for Flea Allergy Dermatitis
  • No messy applications
  • Doesn’t get washed off
  • No need to separate the dog from other pets after administration
  • Safe to use with other medications
  • You can give it with or without a meal, and you can even hide the chew in food if your dog is particularly fussy
  • NexGard can be safely given to all breeds of dogs 

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