Incredible Ways to Stop Biting and Chewing in Pups

Pups are so gullible that you cannot do without taking them in your arms and caressing them. They are so warm and beautiful that we love to snug them and cuddle hard. Well, well, well… go soft and watch out! They can bite you or nip your finger to retort the love or just out of habit. Some puppies can also get riled up easily if they feel any pressure or discomfort. So we need to be very careful in handling puppies and train them not to bite or chew. Remember, they can also be exhibiting this kinda behavior out of boredom and need a source of entertainment or physical activity to burst out his energy. Bringing in some toys and incorporating some teaching sessions can help him get gentle and obedient.

Stop Biting and Chewing in Pups

Ways to Stop Your Pup from Biting

Do Not Play With Your Puppy Using Your Hands- You must be wondering if we have gone nuts, but it is true. Using your hands will encourage him to nip your skin more if he doesn’t realize what objects he is allowed to gnaw and what not to. Instead, give him chew toys which can teach him the difference.

Give Him Treat From Other Hand If He Stops Biting – Pups often get annoyed with too much of cuddling. In that case be ready with a treat while still patting him. This will help him get used to human touch and cuddling.

Stop Playing With Him If He Nips Your Hand – If your pup has the habit of gnawing your hand or body part while playing, stop playing with him the moment he bites, and move away. This way he will realize that humans must not be bitten.

Take Him out For Walk Or Play Indoor Games – Keeping the pet involved in some physical activity helps him from getting bored and also keeps them fit. This way he won’t bite your belongings or you, because his mind would be distracted in more productive activities. Take him for a walk regularly and teach him to walk on a leash.

Provide Interesting Toys Like Glow Ball– You must buy a variety of toys for your pup so he stays intrigued. A glow-ball also keeps him curious and stops him from getting irritated.

Yelp Aloud When He Bites – When pups play in their group, they cuddle and bite their buddies and if they bite hard, the other puppy yelps aloud and moves away. Seeing this, the culprit stops biting. The same tactic can be used to teach him not to bite humans. So next time whenever he bites while playing with you, just yelp aloud and moves away. Ignore him for a while deliberately so he realizes his mistake, and resume the play after some time.

Use Diffuser If Biting Is Due To Stress or Anxiety – Diffusers have chemicals that calm pet’s mind. Using them will help release any sort of stress from your pet’s mind and he will feel more relaxed and won’t bite.

Use Bitter Deterrent Sprays – Dogs don’t love bitter smell or taste. So if he goes berserk and cannot resist biting you or people around, use this spray immediately.

Although these tips will definitely make your pup more cultured and less of a biting toy, take him to a professional therapist if his biting habit doesn’t fade off even after all these efforts. He will tell you techniques to calm your pet. Follow them diligently. Always remember, pups are irresistibly cute but we need to be very patient with them so they are nurtured with manners, etiquettes, and discipline just like our kids. So, be patient pup-owners!