12 Reasons Why No One Can Ever Replace Your Pet (Episode#1)

“If having a soul means being able to feel love, loyalty and gratitude, then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”

-James Herriot

No one can replace your pet

Can there be anyone who could actually say that having a pet did not work for him/her? Every fourth house in the U.S owns a pet, be it a pooch or feline. Pets have filled our lives with impeccable joy that can never be replaced by anybody else. For instance, if you are a pet parent for four pooches and gods forbid, one of them dies, will anybody be able to take his place? You will always be like “Michael used to nibble like this”, even after years. When they leave for eternity, they take away a part of your soul too. So, the point is, if they cannot be replaced even in their absence, how anyone could fill their spot in their presence!! Just like the late British veterinarian and author James Herriot said, animals are better than a lot of humans as far as loyalty, love and gratitude are concerned.

So, what magic does your pooch or feline has that cannot be undone by anybody in the world? Let’s check these 12 reasons why no one can ever replace your pet ever

  • Your mornings wouldn’t be perfect without their sloppy licks

    Do you get your “good morning” licks of love from your furry friends? All pet parents are lucky to have these morning greetings that are incomparable. It seems a morning without their kiss would not be the same. It is the perfect energy inducer for the day. Don’t you agree?

  • He could be your personal fitness trainer, and maybe the best one

    Let’s face it, we all skip our fitness sessions and ditch the workouts. With your pooches it would be next to impossible to take your health lightly. They will be like your personal trainers and make you run for at least 20 minutes a day. Can anybody take care of your health with this intensity?

  • He would exactly know your pain

    Dogs have that ability to understand your moods. You will be successful to hide that pain from everybody else, but your pooch. His eyes will reflect your pain and will feel equally low as you do. Look closely, you may forget all the pain by just looking at his eyes!

  • And, he knows that a hug is all what you need

    Even though he may start feeling low as soon as he senses your pain, but he’ll forget everything and just hug it out. His emotional presence matters a lot, and he knows that. His love is like a pill that heals you and melts away your pain.

  • Nobody can look this cute when he is getting a scolding

    Parenting always includes a bit of scolding, whether to a child or pet. Don’t you agree? But when you shout at your furry friend, he will make the cutest face and won’t even let you get finished with it.

  • Can any of your friends be such a gentleman?

    When it comes to a handshake, nobody can be as smart as your pooch. It is astonishing how they beat us humans, in being courteous.

Is that it? Well, absolutely not. This was just the Episode#1 of the series “Reasons why no one can ever replace your pet”. We will bring you the second episode very soon. Stay tuned with us to experience the joy ride of pet love. Keep reading!

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