Happy International Cat’s Day! Let’s Make It Special For Your Furry Friend

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celebration of international cat day

While we are often thankful for family, love, friends through celebratory days like mother’s day, friendship day, valentine day, how often do we acknowledge and thank our pet? As a pet owner, you just think how you can forget to be thankful for a soul that gives you the unconditional love. And, if you have a cat, then you know how lucky you are to share your life with furry friend as she is simultaneously affectionate and self-reliant.

Well, if that’s your case, then do not worry as honoring the special bond between cat and human – the international cat day is celebrated on every August 8 around the world.  This is a day to express your love for your cat.

Brief History behind Cat’s Day

Nearly thousands years ago, Egyptians began to tame them to hunt and keep mice, snakes and rats away from food stockpiles. In a little while, humans likely accepted the cats for their mouse-hunting skills, a commensalism relationship that gradually developed into the love that humans presently show for their feline companions. Even their remains have been also found in the ancient tombs of Egypt. It shows that cats were also worshipped as gods.

Later on, in 2002 the International Fund of Animal Welfare declared Aug 8 as World Cat Day. The main intention of this day is to raise human awareness for cats needs. Adopting a cat can be a life changing decision for people. Because, there are multiple proven health benefits that come along with it. Such health benefits include physical, mental and emotional enhancements, from increasing sociability to decreasing a risk of heart disease and heart attacks. This way cat can actually save your life.

celebration of international cat day

Celebration of the International Cat Day:

Let’s all take a moment to honor the special cat-human bond by celebrating international cat day on August 8, 2017. It is the perfect excuse to be thankful and make this day special for your furry feline friend by giving that extra cuddle, tasty treat, special cat foods, effective flea and tick/worm treatment, take her to the pet salon for pampering or whatever else your cat wants. Because, your cat is always there for you when you need and never lose hope in you.

And even if you don’t own a cat, this is the perfect day to welcome a new furry friend into your life. There is a wide range of cat breeds existing. Animal shelters are bursting with kittens and cats. Adopt your favorite cat from it for giving her a loving home to feel respected and have a better companion with the best health care.

Moreover, let the entire world know how you feel on your cat’s special day by snapping a selfie with her and sharing it on social media with hashtag #InternationalCatDay.

And finally, wishing you all the cat owners and your beloved cats – Have a Happy International Cat Day!

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