Frequently Asked Questions Related To Revolution for Dogs You Must Know

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Revolution is one of the topmost flea and tick treatment for dogs and is being widely used by many pet parents across the globe. This potent oral treatment is regarded as one of the best products for treating and preventing fleas and ticks in canines. If you haven’t ever used Revolution for your dogs, then this particular blog will help you gain a lot of knowledge about the product. We are about to uncover and answer some of the frequently asked questions related to Revolution for dogs; so get ready!

FAQs About Revolution for Dogs

Below are a host of questions pet parents are seeking answers to, regarding Revolution for dogs. So let us get straight at it!


Q: What does Revolution do?

Revolution is a potent solution for dogs that can perform the following tasks effectively. They are as follows:

  •  Erases adult fleas
  •  Prevents flea eggs from hatching into adult fleas
  • Controls and prevents heavy flea infestations
  • Controls ears mites as well as prevent them from re-occurring
  • Effectively prevents the deadly heartworm disease
  • Cures and controls ear mites
  • Thoroughly controls American dog tick infestation


Q: What type of treatment is Revolution?

A: Revolution is a spot-on treatment and must be administered topically. Do not give it to your dog orally, and see to it that he/she does not lick the solution. So be extra cautious when you’re dealing with this product.


Q: How do I use Revolution on my dog?

A: Revolution is very easy to use. All you have to do is follow these simple steps.

Step 1: First things first, make your dog stand in an upright position.

Step 2: Part the fur in such a way so that the skin can be seen vividly.

Step 3: Now open the Revolution spot-on tube and place it over the barren skin spot.

Step 4: Empty out the entire contents onto the single skin spot.

Step 5: One spot is more than enough for small dogs, but for larger dogs ensure you add 3 to 4 more.

Step 6: Once you have applied the solution, allow it to dry and prevent your dog from licking it.

Step 7: Normally, this is repeated once every month, but it can vary based on the advice given by your veterinarian.

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Q: Does Revolution have any side effects?

A: Every product has side effects, and so does Revolution. The possible side effects of Revolution include hair loss, diarrhea, itching, rapid breathing, skin redness, vomiting, and seizures. Though there are quite a few side effects, they occur very rarely. To be on the safe side, use Revolution only after consulting your vet.


Q: Is Revolution safe for dogs and puppies?

A: Yes! Revolution is extremely safe for all dog breeds and puppies over the age of 6. Furthermore, dogs that have a history with seizures, breathing issues, allergies, etc should not be given this product.


Q: Which company manufactures Revolution?

A: Zoetis, a well-renowned pharmaceutical company manufactures Revolution. One of the main reasons why many pet parents trust Revolution is because this product is manufactured by a top brand.


Q: What is the active ingredient present in Revolution?

A: Selamectin, a parasiticide and anthelminthic is the sole active ingredient that is present in Revolution. It is a proper ingredient and helps dogs fight off numerous parasites (as mentioned earlier).


Q: How long will it take for Revolution to work on my pet?

A: Once the product has been administered, Revolution normally takes up to 36 hours to erase 98.25% of existing fleas. It is effective, reliable, and works just fine on dogs.


Q: Is Revolution safe for my pregnant dog?

A: Yes! Revolution has been tried and tested in more than 100 different pure and mixed breed healthy dogs, including pregnant and lactating females as well as breeding males and females.


Q: How often should I be using Revolution on my dog?

A: Revolution is known as a monthly spot-on and is generally used once every month. But in some cases, it can fluctuate based on the advice given by your veterinarian.


Q: After applying Revolution, can I give my dog a bath?

A: Since Revolution is a waterproof treatment, it does not lose its efficacy even when it comes in contact with water on several occasions. But for the treatment to work properly, it is advised to wait at least two hours (for the solution to dry) before you can bathe your dog.


Q: Can I use Revolution along with other treatments as well?

A: Clinical studies have proven that Revolution can be used along with other treatment products such as anthelmintics, antiparasitics, antibiotics, collars, dips, shampoos, and vaccines.


Q: From where can I buy Revolution for Dogs?

A: Revolution is easily be available on online pet care stores such as Budget Pet Care. You can shop from this site at extremely affordable rates!


Q: Is there anything else I should know about Revolution?

A: Last but not the least, Revolution should:

  •  Not be used on humans.
  • Be kept out of children’s reach.
  • Must not be applied on the face and eye areas.

Right then! That is all you needed to know about Revolution for dogs. It is regarded as one of the best treatments, and rightly so. Make sure that before you opt for Revolution, you consult your veterinarian for his expert advice.

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