Dog & Puppy Checklist 2022: Essentials for Right Routine

Dog & Puppy Checklist 2022

“New to puppyhood?”

“Let’s get into the routine of your new day with your new puppy”

Having a puppy at home brings warmth and joy in the day; it teaches you obedience, loyalty, curiosity, and ways to jump and smile even on the smallest of daily yet regular events. So, if your puppy is always ready to add a more precious smile to your normal day. Then what should be your duty to add life into his already happening life?

Let’s create a healthy environment for them inside and outside to keep their charm constant and ever-increasing. Here is the list of routine procedures that you must follow to keep them updated and secure with their promising health.

# Secure them with a Flea and Tick Preventive:

Fleas and ticks preventive are very important in protecting your pet they aren’t just important for your dog’s comfort and health—they can also prevent you and your family from getting Lyme disease or another tick-borne illness. When you are looking for effective flea prevention, one of the most important aspects to consider is the speed of killing fleas and ticks. We want to kill the fleas before they can take several blood meals and before they start reproducing and laying eggs. 

From pills and chews and spot-on, there are plenty of options to choose from. These treatments vary in delivery method and application frequency, so you’ll want to consider what’s best for both your pet and your schedule.

“Put your preventive on; worries off”

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# Choose the Best Shampoo for its Fur:

His little and large furs are of equal importance and the best therapy to bring peace to your day while titillating the soft fur. So, choose the best shampoo that helps in rejuvenating and caring well for its delicate fur. My dog’s personal favorite is Malaseb + Pyohex Medicated Shampoo & Conditioner a perfect combo that helps in treating seborrheic dermatitis, ringworm, and other bacterial skin infections and keeps the coat clean, shiny, and healthy.

“A right shampoo is a coat’s best friend”

# They Need a Skin-Care Routine too:

Puppies and dogs both have sensitive skin like a baby and it needs the utmost care. You must have a pet sunscreen to keep its fragile skin natural, new, and all fresh. Direct exposure to the sun causes skin cancer and other related tumors in light-skinned dogs and white-colored pets. 

“A protective layer of sunscreen is all that your pet needs”

# Supplement is always a Yes:

We understand the fact you care well when it comes to pet food. But, not everything essential required for your pet’s body needs is fulfilled by the regular food that is consumed. You have to add an extra ounce of supplements to make them feel young, fit, and energetic. You must always give an important supplement for their joints to keep them well. GCS Joint Care Advanced Powder is a unique supplement that helps in relieving pain and inflammation while also repairing and regenerating damaged joints; with constant growing age a dog’s bones wear off easily. Prepare them for better days tomorrow.

“Prevention is better than cure”

Follow all this in the routine of your pet to keep them all day fit and all-day curious enough to sniff anything and everything.

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