Is Your Cat Bored? Five Effortless Ways To Entertain A Cat

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Tips To Keep Your Cat Entertained

Do your get bored and suffer from separation anxiety, when you live your feline alone at home for long hours? If yes, then you should think something to entertain your feline, as they are designed to roam and hunt, but not to stay on comfy couches and eat meals. So, look out for this interesting ways to keep your cat entertained and make your feline free from the boring and stressful life.

Effortless Ways To Entertain A Cat

1. Planting For Cats:

Most of the cats love the smell and taste of grass and other greenery. So you can plant some cat-safe greenery like pots of wheat grass, catnip and other cat-safe flora on sunny windowsills and let your kitty munch away the grass. But, make sure the plants are non-toxic, which your planting for your cat.

2. Give Wildlife Experience:

Wildlife things are the superb to entertain your feline like catching a glimpse of some real, live prey. You can mount squirrels or bird feeders outside the window and let your kitty has a good bird-watching perch.

3. Videos For Cats:

You can entertain your indoor cat by playing video footage of bugs, fish and birds while you are at work. You can keep a fish tank to entertain him, but make sure you keep the tank closed.

4. Cat Toys:

If your cat is bored, you can arrange some toys around the house. You can take up some common household items, which will help your cat to have fun and endless entertainment in something as simple as paper bag, an empty cardboard box or crunched paper ball. There many other toys for your kitty, which works on battery like mouse or squirrel. If you are able to spend time then you can play with your cat by making her catch the laser light spots too.

5. Play Hide And Treat For Cats:

You can hide some treats around the house, and make your cat to hunt them down. You can make arrangements of healthy snacks, essential cat supplies, dry pet foods and clean drinking water around your kitten during play-time. You can even purchase a treat-dispensing toy, which will work great in your absence.

Make sure to spend quality time with your kitty, when you get back to home. This interactive play will help your cat stay happy, healthy and live for long life.


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