5 Loyalty Tales of Dogs That Will Move Your Heart!

If you are looking for a friendship that is forever loyal, always humble, never criticizing and constantly listening, then adopt a dog

-L.M Hinds

Dogs have been helping men from centuries in many ways. Be it any breed, these pawed friends always remain on guard and has the ability to rescue us from any situation. It seems like you are giving a new life to the rescue dog when you adopt him, but it is always the vice-versa. It is they who would happily rescue you from pain, anxiety, expectations, intruders and sometimes even death. You may find many topics related to the most loyal breeds of dogs all over the web, but do you think that breeds are enough on the loyalty scale? A pooch would stay loyal to his family forever irrespective of breeds.

The thing which differentiates them is their sense of smelling and recognizing, not their loyalty. So, it would be a total injustice to rank their loyalty and tag any one of them as “the most loyal”. Let’s know 5 breath taking loyalty stories of canines without giving them any special rank! These fur balls rescued their masters and strangers in some cases from grave danger.

5 Loyalty Tales Of Dogs That Will Move Your Heart

1. Junior- A Shih-Tzu

Shih-Tzu is a toy breed dog, known and preferred for their cuteness. Now, who would have thought while choosing a Shih-Tzu that this toy breed will one day save their lives? Well, Davlimar household was saved by Junior from the fire that tore at the middle of the night. He barked at the top of his pitch till everybody was wide awake, which was unlikely as he was a quite dog. Davlimar household members along with their guests made it out safely and were indebted to their “toy” Junior.

2. Honey- An English Cocker Spaniel

English Cocker Spaniel is an easygoing breed. They love accompanying families and make friends easily. Honey was Michael Bosch’s cocker spaniel that managed to save their lives heroically. They met a severe accident and the SUV rolled upside down in a deep ravine. Bosch realized that only Honey would be able to save him from this fatal accident. He somehow managed to free Honey from the trapped car and the following events were just as he expected. Honey showed his bravery and dedication by getting another man’s attention from half a mile away and brought him to the accident spot. Rescuers concluded that Michael would have lost his precious life if Honey wouldn’t have been there. This fur ball was awarded Dog of the year in 2006 for this incident.

3. Zoey- A Chihuahua

The Chihuahua is the smallest breed of dogs and comes in a variety of sizes, colors, coat lengths and shapes. Everybody is familiar with their cuteness and people go head over heels for these cute fur balls. Again, this example will prove that loyalty cannot be ranked among dogs, it is their nature. In 2007, Zoey made headlines for rescuing a one year old child from a rattlesnake. This three foot snake was approaching the child, which was stopped by Zoey. He received a small wound by the snake over his eye, but recovered quickly. So, a Chihuahua can be equally brave as a Rottweiler or any other breed.

4. Bobbie- Scotch Collie/ English Shepherd mix

With a perfect blend of Collie’s friendly nature and Shepherd’s unique kindness towards family, Bobbie proved his love heroically. In 1923, Bobbie was separated from his family in Indiana while they were on a trip. His family’s search went in vain and they returned to their home disheartened. What happened then would blow your minds off! 6 months later, Bobbie was at his family’s step door with his feet worn to the bones. It was clear that he walked all the way to his home crossing 2,800 miles of plain, desert and mountains in the dead of the winter. Bobbie received hundreds of letters from around the world appreciating his loyalty and love for his masters.

5. Hachiko- An Akita

Everybody would be familiar with this pooch that has been very famous for his loyalty and love for his master. His tale of loyalty has been depicted by many authors and film makers in the form of books and movies. He is one of the most famous dogs in the world. Hachi had a routine to drop as well as receive his master at the railway station while commuting to his work every day. It was an uninterrupted drill until one day when Ueno could not make it back to his home. He had a cerebral hemorrhage which took his life at the very moment. On the other end Hachi was waiting for his beloved master at the station and did not move from there for a long time. After that Hachi used to visit the station precisely at the professor’s timings for 9 years, 9 months and fifteen days.

These were just some of the instances of canine’s loyalty. It is for sure that every pet parent would have felt the heroic quality of their dogs at least once in their lives. Having a pooch is simply blissful. Isn’t it? If you don’t own a dog, read these loyalty tales and you would definitely think of adopting one!