11 Leading Dental Facts of Dogs

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Dental Facts of Dogs

You should be well versed with your furry pal’s dental issues and how to take care of his oral health. Oral health plays a major role in maintaining the dog’s well-being. Being aware of treatments and diseases is a sign of a responsible parent. While in this article, you’ll get to know about several other essential facts about dog’s dental health.

Your Pet Has A Dental Health Problem

  • Starting with the basics, puppies have 28 temporary teeth. These teeth begin their full formation when puppies are 3-4 weeks of age.
  • According to a survey, cavities affect a minimal percentage of pets. The reason is due to intolerance of sweets by the pooches.
  • Small-breed dogs are prone to early onset periodontal disease, leading to pain and tooth loss.
  • Oral disease is the most crucial health problem detected in dogs.
  • Signs of oral health issues in the furry pals include bad breath, toothache, loose teeth, discolored teeth, tartar formation, and licking at the mouth.
  • Oral disease in dogs is mostly caused by plaque and tartar buildup. The onset of the disease is due to inflamed gums or a condition known as gingivitis, which may lead to serious infection of gums and teeth affecting the entire body. The oral diseases are known as periodontal diseases.
  • Routine exams by your vet and proper cleanings will help prevent tooth loss as well as extractions, which can require emergency treatment, which then raises the cost of care.  Preventive care will help to avoid this.
  • If your pooch is showing signs of lack of appetite and trouble in chewing food properly then it might be due to toothache. Better, get it checked by the vet.
  • Routinely brushing of the canine’s teeth helps to save their dental health, ensures prolong life, and reduces the chances of oral disease and infections.
  • If you can’t brush your pet’s teeth alone or are new to it, ask for help from a vet and use treatments to diminish the formation of plaque and tartar.
  • There are number of treatments as well as well-known cleaning solutions by the means of which you can ensure your pooch has fit dental health. Some of these solutions are Orovet Oral Rinse, Pet Dent Oral Rinse, Pet Dent Toothbrush along with Pet Dent Toothpaste.

Use of proper supplies will be more efficient in maintaining your furry pal’s dental hygiene. Take excellent care of his oral fitness; feed him healthy and well-balanced diet with dental-friendly treats. Be a good parent and give your pooch a good healthy and prolonged life.


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