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HP Healing Cream

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HP Healing Cream For Dogs/Cats

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Buy HP Healing Cream
Buy HP Healing Cream

Manufactured by Homeopet, HP healing cream is a highly effective ointment for healing skin cuts, wounds, burns, bites, scratches and other injuries. Particularly used to treat non-responsive wounds, this medical cream is suitable for all breeds of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other animals. It is an ideal primary treatment for minor injuries to major wounds.

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HP Healing Cream Homeopathic Pet Medications

HP healing cream is an effective homeopathic ointment with non-steroidal and anti-infective ingredients. Suitable for all species of dogs, cats, rabbits, birds etc this ointment provides quick healing in skin cuts, wounds, swelling, bites and burns. It cures infectious and non-responsive wounds and reduces swelling, pain and shock caused due to injury.

The homeopathic salve treats deep routed scars, wounds, burns, ulcers, surgical wounds, cracked skin &coat, bedsores and other external injuries. The side-effect free cream heals deeper tissues of the skin and promotes quicker healing.

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Natural and excellent result provider
Sep 10, 2017

The ointment made with natural ingredients obviously is the safest and an excellent way to take care of my pet's skin..

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best ointment for Timmy's wounds
Sep 10, 2017

Timothy is a naughty doggy who gets himself into several such situations which prove to be harmful for his skin and he end up having wounds.. I do not believe in giving so many treatments as it might effect his health at some level so If I have to heal his wounds faster i apply this absolutely chemical-free ointment with negative skin reactions

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