Reasons Behind the Side Effects of Frontline Plus

Fleas and ticks are tiny parasites that sustain by feeding on the blood of cats and dogs. Flea population multiplies at a tremendous rate leaving behind hundreds of eggs on the pet’s body. Ticks are another species of parasites that are simply hazardous for cats and dogs. They cause several diseases including anemia, dermatitis and paralysis. These pests need to be eliminated at the earliest in order to make the pet parasite free and disease free.

Frontline Plus is one of the most popular flea and tick treatments in America. The reason behind its wide spread popularity is the fact that it is super effective. It has proved its efficiency in flea and tick control by eradicating existing pests within 12 hours of application. Active ingredient, Fipronil destroys adult fleas and flea life stages for four consecutive weeks. Moreover, the treatment proves fit for all breeds of dogs.

Manufactured by Merial, Frontline Plus consists of Fipronil and S-methoprene as the active ingredients. It is available in different packs categorized as per the weight of the dog. To be applied topically the treatment suits all sizes of dogs. The water-fast treatment prevents parasites even after washing or bathing the pet. Though Frontline flea and tick prevention is highly safe, it still shows adverse reactions and side effects in certain sensitive pets.

Side Effects of Frontline Plus:

Seizures: Certain pets do show symptoms of seizures after applying Frontline Plus. Seizures occur as the sensitive pet may capture the neurotoxicity of Fipronil.

Skin irritation: The skin sensitizing effect of Fipronil causes skin irritation, redness, soreness, dermatitis and swelling of skin. It damages the skin and coat of any pet resulting in itching and scratching of the skin.

Vomiting: Lethargy and vomiting are a result of the toxicity that enters through inhalation or dermal contact.

Excessive drooling, uncoordinated movement, swelling of face, lips and tongue are other symptomatic reactions that affect the pet in an unhealthy manner. All these symptoms subside within a day or two. The pet parents still need to be proactive about dealing with any kind of adverse reactions. Consulting a vet immediately is the best way of dealing with these kinds of reaction.

Reasons for adverse reactions of Frontline Flea and Tick prevention:

  • The marginally safe flea and tick treatment shows side effects in rare case. It is not recommended for pets that are sick, has weak immune system or are on medication.
  • It may also give stressful reactions if not applied well. It is important to read the label properly and apply as per instructions.
  • Certain pets are hypersensitive towards the active or base ingredients of the product. You need to get your pet diagnosed for hypersensitivity towards the ingredients and then only apply.
  • Do not apply incorrect dosage of this flea and tick treatment. Choose the pack relevant to the weight of the pet. Do not use the pack that has crossed expiry date. All these factors or any of these factors may cause hypersensitive reactions in pets.

To conclude, the best piece of advice for any pet parent is to follow their veterinarian’s advice. Use Frontline Plus under his guidance to protect the pet from any unexpected health issues.