Memorial Day – Celebrate With Pet Safety Tips

Time to honor, salute and remember all those brave Americans who have led their lives for our country. And, the list of those veterans is not just limited to soldiers only but also includes unknown real heroes – our furry pals. History presents us stories of those unsung heroes – service dogs showing their valor and mettle; and this is the day where we get the opportunity to show and pay reverence to them.

In homage to these great heroes, brings in a platter of pet health safety tips to celebrate this memorial day.

Memorial Day Celebration

Party Stuff

No doubt, celebration always comes with lots of treats and foodies. But, do remember that not all treats are good for your pooch health. Just throwing those tit-bits over them can make them sick, and most probably this situation comes mostly by the end of the celebration. Avoid feeding them those table scraps or snacks and even warn your guests to do the same.

Flea Spray

Going out is a great fun and Memorial day is not complete without taking your pooch out. An outing means definitely your furry pal is exposed to pesky critters. Flea spray is better option when taking your dog outside as it will save him from those itchy flea bites.

Don’s Skip Water

Memorial day is the time when hot sun is already blazing with winter already in the different zone. The hot weather is going to dehydrate pet quite quickly. To avoid such conditions supply him with fresh water quite frequently. This keeps them well hydrated during the celebration period avoiding dehydration condition.

Definitely, with that blazing sun on the horizon, Memorial day weekend is also the celebration of the summer’s beginning. Getting your pooch outdoor for fun makes the holiday even more enjoyable. Following these tips, you can have a great time with your pooch ensuring their total health. And, to bring in a tint of joy and surprise adding to this memorial day, we at Budget Pet Care brings you surprising gift coupons for your special heroes. Apply Coupon Code : “MEMSALE” while purchasing Pet Supplies Products from us to avail special Memorial Day Discount.

Grab the deals on pet treatments to save a little more for your pet health – one of the best things you can do this memorial day for your lovable companion.