Is Nexgard as good as Frontline Plus?

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Nexgard and Frontline Plus are the treatments that are manufactured by the same company, Merial / Boehringer Ingelheim. One is a chew and the other one is a topical treatment; both are popular among pet parents and have their own pros and cons respectively.

But which one is better? Is Nexgard as good as Frontline Plus?

To clear your doubts, we have Mr. Fluffy and Mrs. Fluffy as two dog experts who will inform you about the benefits of Nexgard and Frontline Plus.

Let’s begin –

Mr. Fluffy

Nexgard for Dogs


Mrs. Fluffy

Frontline Plus for dogs & Frontline Plus for catsfronline-plus-mrs-fluffy

Now as you can see both Mrs. Fluffy and Mr. Fluffy present a strong case for their preferred treatments.

Nexgard, being an oral treatment has a great advantage that dog parents find it easy to feed. However, Nexgard is only available for dogs and cannot be given to cats, whereas Frontline plus is available for cats and dogs both.

You need to choose the treatment on the basis of your requirements. Nexgard for dogs is a very good treatment if you want to kill existing flea and tick immediately whereas, Frontline Plus is a treatment that can be used to destroy all the existing life stages of fleas and ticks.

Hence, in conclusion, it can be said that as far as the killing of existing fleas and ticks is concerned, Nexgard beef flavored chews are, in fact, more efficient than Frontline plus but if you include the parameter- breaking flea life cycle, then obviously Frontline Plus will be a better choice.

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