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I am impressed with Budget Pet Care so far. Not only do I thank you for the 'buy safe' guarantee, but the prices are EXCELLENT. I checked at least 5 other websites, checked prices against Budget Pet Care, and I could not believe the HUGE difference in cost for the EXACT SAME PRODUCTS! I am so happy that I found Budget Pet Care. I've gone so long without flea control for my dogs because I could NOT afford it. However, when I came across Budget Pet Care, I was thrilled!!! Thank you so much for having such low prices. My dogs thank you, too......
Terry S
As a first time customer, we wanted to give you some feedback on our order. We placed our order on April 10 and after placing the order we then thought we should have checked other customers experiences. Some of the customers experiences were quite negative and we thought we had made a mistake by ordering from your company. We were pleasantly surprised when 9 days after placing our order we got our delivery and it was exactly what we ordered for our dog (Frontline Plus) with an expiration date of Oct., 2015!! We will for sure be using Budget Pet Care for future pet needs & will recommend your company to our family & friends. ; ))
Tom M
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Question from Lori A. Matthews


Not Sure , age 1

Hi, Our cat Izzy was found at the end of our driveway at only 8 days old. She had to be bottle fed and taken care of like a newborn. She is now 8 months old and is totally an inside cat. Is it advised to get her the Feline Leukemia shots and also, at what age do we treat her for fleas, worms, etc...?
Our Vet Says:

Dear Lori, even if your cat is an indoor one it is recommended to go through all the preventive treatments, like flea prevention, deworming and immunizations. Each veterinary clinic has its own protocol of preventive care. The basic lines for an adult cat are:Dewormings every three month with a broad spectrum product Flea and tick prevention should be used, in my opinion, on strictly indoor cats at the longest time interval indicated by the manufacturer. For example in the case of Frontline Plus it is usually used monthly on outdoor cats but in my opinion it can be used at 8 week intervals as its insecticidal efficacy against new infestations with adult fleas persists for 8 weeks. Immunizations should be started immediately and followed throughout the cat’s life. The Feline Leukemia immunizations was usually recommended only for outdoor cats and a risk assessment should be done by your vet. Even if the vaccine is considered to be a non-core one it is highly recommended by the American Veterinary Medical Association. After the first three to five years of continuous immunizations the time interval between them can be prolonged. This depends on the type of vaccine and the brand your vet will use, so it is highly recommended to discuss this problem with her/him.I am hoping that this information was useful. If you require any other information please let us know.


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