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Question from Becky Johnson


Domesticated Cat, age 3

I have 4 cats. Mom age 4. Dad age 2.5 and 2 daughters 1.5 years in age. All have good appetities with healthy weights for their size. Tiger is the mother. She frenquently vomits a portion of her food right after eating. I am guessing it is due to eating too quickly as they eat dry food and all of them swallow it rather than crunch it. I have started feeding then one can of wet food and giving them a couple of 1 teaspoon feedings of dry several times a day. This seems to be helping. One of her daughters Fiona also does this and I have caught her stealing food from the other cats after she has finished her portion. Is it normal for some cats to overindulge and then vomit some of their food? They are not losing weight and have a healthy appetite. Due to overweight animals in the past, I do not free feed. They have a 4 tier cat stand and each one has their own shelf where they assemble if anyone is in the vacinity of the food tub. Again, this doesnt happen every time they eat but does happen several times a week.

Our Vet Says:

Vomiting can be caused by either internal parasites or hairball or big appetites. It is very important to treat all pets for internal parasites every 3 months and to administer pet diet for hair ball for 10 days every month. It is very important to put each one’s food on a different bowl and if possible, make them eat in separate room. If the cats don’t see each other other, it is possible to stop them from eating too quickly.


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