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Natures Answer Glucosamine for Dogs

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  • Overview

    Nature's Answer Glucosamine Tablets for Dogs

    Nature’s Answer Glucosamine is a nutritional supplement that supports healthy joint functions in dogs. The honey-flavored tablets are highly effective in minimizing arthritic conditions and joint degeneration in dogs. The tablets are suitable for aging dogs, dogs that have inherited joint related diseases and joint injuries. 

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  • Benefits
    • Easy to administer dietary supplement for all breeds of dogs.
    • A nutritional supplement made up of all natural ingredients.
    • Reduce arthritic symptoms and improve joint mobility in dogs.
    • Aids in cartilage metabolism and synovial fluid development.
    • Improves joint function in aging pets and pets that have undergone joint surgeries. 
  • How to use
    • As an initial treatment, the tablets need to be administered for 4-6 continuous weeks. Dosage is given as per the weight of the dog. Refer dosage table for details.
    • Crush and mix the tablets with the pet’s meal. Make sure the pet finishes entire meal to ensure complete intake of the dosage.
    • Consult a veterinarian before administering the tablets to pregnant and lactating female dogs.


    Dog weight

    Initial treatment dose/day

    Maintenance dose/day

    <5 Kg

    ¼ tablet

    ¼ tablet

    5-10 Kg

    1 tablet

    ½ tablet

    11-20 Kg

    2 tablets

    1 tablet

    21-30 Kg

    3 tablets

    1 ½ tablets

    31-40 Kg

    4 tablets

    2 tablets

    41-50 Kg

    5 tablets

    2 ½ tablets

    51-60 Kg

    6 tablets

    3 tablets

    >60 Kg

    7 tablets

    3 ½ tablets

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Natures Answer Glucosamine 500mg
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Natures Answer Glucosamine for Dogs


Manufactured by Mavlab, Nature’s Answer Glucosamine are honey flavored tablets that improve joint functions in dogs. The tasty tablets made up of Glucosamine HCL support joint function, cartilage build up, synovial fluid development in dogs. It reduces arthritic symptoms in aging dogs and supports faster recovery in injured pets.

The tablets give faster results in recovery from joint surgeries and are suitable for all breeds of dogs. Long-term use of the tablets minimizes joint inflammation and arthritic disorders of all types. 


  • The tablets do not give good results for acute joint inflammation.
  • Safety over pregnant and nursing females has not been established so consult a veterinarian before treating these pets. 


Glucosamine Hydrochloride 500mg.



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