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Hypokal Potassium Supplement

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Hypokal Potassium Supplement is manufactured by Mavlab. The tablets are best suitable for cats with low blood potassium. It is an aid in the treatment of potassium deficiency in cats.

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Hypokal Potassium Supplement is an aid in the treatment of potassium deficiency.

The recommended dose of Hypokal Potassium Supplement for Cats in severe cases of hypokalaemia (<2.5mEq/L) is 4-8mEq (2-4 tablets) every 24 hours in two divided doses with food. Continue the administration until the hypokalaemia resolves. The dosage may be adjusted to meet the patient's requirements, particularly where used as a long term supplement.

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Hypokal Potassium Supplement 150gm

Hypokal Potassium Supplement 150gm
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Hypokal Potassium Supplement


Constant monitoring of serum potassium levels is necessary.



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