Summer Paw Care Tips for Your Dog

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Summer Paw Care Tips for Your DogSummer is the harsh time when your furry friends require utmost care and no doubt your love always prevail despite any weather condition. When it comes to four-legged pet companions, during summer their paws are more vulnerable to hot weather due to the least protection they get in this part.

Canine paws are very sensitive and can easily get blisters and burns when left uncovered during walks on hot sand or cement pavements. When the sun is blazing hot turning everything hot, what few things you can do to protect them and prevent any injury to your pet paws.   

Summer Sores 

Ouch! It burns when you step outside barefoot on the hot pavement or sand. Remember that your pet paws feel the same heat extremes and can suffer from blisters and burns. To prevent this, avoid walking your four-legged companion on the hot pavement or sand. In case, you need to take him, purchase dog boots or pet paw pads especially designed for dogs. If your pooch went out to enjoy the sun and got blisters, apply soothing gel three to four times a day. In case of ulcerated patches, apply antibacterial lotion and bandaged it loosely. If you find your Fido got some serious burns, immediately visit to a vet.


Paw care is not time-consuming rather a little care saves you a lot. Trim the nails, as they are quite painful when it touches the ground while your furry friend is walking. Walking on cement or asphalt can naturally trim his nails, but a good pedicure can prevent snagged out nails. If your pet companion has dewclaws – small vestigial nails higher up on his leg – they require frequent trimming to avoid self-mutation. Ask your vet about different nail trimmers and which is best for your pooch. You can even take advice from your groomer on how to trim the nails to avoid any accident.


Groom and trim paw hair regularly to avoid painful matting. Simply comb hair out in between the toes, and trim their pads too.

Summer dehydrates skin easily and so is true with their pads. Dog paw pads can easily become dry and cracked. So, load his pads with a good animal dapple or moisturizer. But, don’t make a mistake of layering your pooch with human moisturizer as this will make his paws too soft and vulnerable to injuries.

Moreover, a good nutritious diet also soothes pads and prevents cracked or brittle nails, which are usually painful. Good amount of supplements strengthens nails and keep the paws soft.

Pamper With Paw Massage 

A good session of paw massage makes him feel relax and increases blood circulation. Like humans, massage is necessary for pets. A good rubbing session starting from in between the pads on the bottom of the paw to rubbing in between each toe, make your lovely companion feel relaxed and his paws in good condition.

Well, when temperature rises, pad injuries are quite common. Remember the popular idiom – ‘Prevention is better than cure’ – practice prevention to reduce the risk of injuries. In your home and yard, don’t leave any pointed bits and pieces that may accidently prick into your dog’s paw. When sun is too hot, avoid going on a walk. Regularly groom your pet’s paw for unwanted hair and nails. A little time spared caressing your Fido’s paw during summer protects him from unwanted pain and injuries. Thus, you and your pet pal can enjoy every bloom of summer without worrying about the hot weather.

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