How to Deal with the Loss of a Pet?

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How to deal with the loss of a pet

It is utterly depressing and ill fortunate to face the death of a pet. Parting away from your beloved companion who gave you unconditional love, pure joy, heart-melting feelings, flood of exquisite emotions and beautiful memories is neither easy nor acceptable. It becomes difficult to hold yourself in this testing time. It requires courage, effort and constant support to get over this insurmountable pain. You need to learn to let go of the dear one without living with the victim consciousness.

How to deal with the loss of a pet?

It is difficult to quantify the pain and strategically come out of the pain associated with the one who was an elixir of unconditional love. Still one needs to brace up for other important things in life. If you have lost a pet then, becoming a strong support for other pets and family members will help you to overcome the remorse.

Be natural: For you cannot do anything else but be natural. You have to understand your own self and manage to pull out those glooming feelings without trying hard to be strong. Just let yourself pass through this testing time without making any effort to be stoic.

Express your grief: The most important thing is to let go of those mourning feelings from your system. If you paint a brave picture in front of others then it harms you in a big way. Just cry out your pain and empty your heart. Do not resist any expression of distress as the more you hold on the worse it becomes.

Meditate: Meditation is the best practice to create silence in the mind. It is the finest ways to calm down the agitating mind and bring it to rest. Meditate daily to bring in acceptance in your system. It will give you stability by making your mind still. It is a natural, easy to practice manner to observe and let go of the anguish.

Sit in silence: Have your own quiet time when you can reflect upon the good things that happened while your pet was with you. Instead of discussing the painful time, just maintain silence to experience harmony and peace in this troubling time.

Take support of friends and family: Your home will be a constant reminder of your pet and his activities. It would be difficult to stay in there and not feel the anxiety and rue. So, go to your friend’s place for a change of mood.

  • If you live with your family, give them extra time. Lamenting with them will ease out their turmoil as well. Make sure to take extra care of children, as they cannot understand the reason behind the absence of their four-legged friend. Do not lie to them that their friend will be back soon. Just be honest with them and be available for them.
  • For the elderly, the pet would have been a constant support. Your pet would have been their friend in loneliness. Whether he was a service dogs or not, dogs wipe out the lonesomeness of the aged and retired family members. It becomes important to help them in this tough time. Be with them as spending time with them and keeping away their aloofness is the only way to help them.

Ignore the ones who cannot understand your feelings: Care not about the people for whom your furry angel was ‘just a pet’. You know how precious your pooch was for you. So, just ignore the words of those heartless people for whom your best friend was nothing else but a pet.

Become busy in taking care of other pets: Other pets in the family also become distressed with the loss of their buddy. Take care of them by maintaining their routine. Take them for longer walks, increase their play and exercise time. This will keep them engaged and help them in recuperating the loss of a friend.

At the end, there is no solution but to stay with the fond memories of your pet. As far as the grief is concerned just go through it, express it and get over it to create space for new memories.

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