Camping With Pets – Benefits and Concerns

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Camping With Pets

Our furry pals are the best company we can have. Be it indoor events or outdoor activities like camping, these pets are an absolute pleasure to be with. With the onset of summer, most of us would like to explore the outdoors through camping, hiking and trekking. Taking pets on our trips is a form of unadulterated fun. But there are few concerns when your pets live with you on those make shift tents and live the exterior life.

Benefits of camping with pets:

Best company: Your bundle of joy is the finest source of unconditional love. Your dog’s wagging tail will get rid of all the tiredness of a trek. His antics would make you laugh at all challenges one faces during the camp. Whether you are travelling in group or alone, the pet would prove to be a superlative companion.

Source of enthusiasm: Your pet is an undying source of enthusiasm. He will add to the thrill of camping. Outgoing dogs enjoy natural surroundings. This happy mood of the pet will add to the enjoyment making the whole trip a more joyful one. If you are tired he would pull your spirits up and give you zeal for travelling that extra mile.

Quiet times: When you want to spend those quiet times with nature, the pet would be the ideal silent companion. He would make that sunset perfect and give you space while still being with you all the time.

Safety guard: Dogs have a habit of smelling and checking a new place. They can alert you on sensing something fishy. So, they prove to best safety guards if you are exploring unseen places.

Concerns of camping with pets:

Along with numerous benefits there are certain concerns when pet parents take their pets to the camps.

Flea infestation: Travelling outdoors is like opening a door for fleas to come and catch up your pet. Fleas live in grass and open fields. Your pet becomes an easy prey of these annoying pests when they roam around in outdoor areas. You need to treat your pet with flea preventives to avert these annoying pests.

Anxiety syndrome: Pets that are homely would not prefer to go outside and become anxious. They may get stressed in the new environment and face adjustment issues. For this, make them habituated by taking them on small trips to nearby places. Take anxiety relief medications with you to calm down the excited pet.

Sickness due to change in weather: Your pet may face the issue of a disturbed system while travelling. This happens due to change in environment and so you need to be extra cautious. Carry certain common medications like those for stomach problems, sun protection, skin care and any regular treatment given for your pet’s specific health issue.

No miss to daily essentials: When you are taking your pet on camping trip, you cannot afford to forget any essentials that you need on daily basis. Be it their food bowls, leash, water, medications, crate, bedding, toys and treats need to be carried without fail.

Sunny days: Just like humans, pets also face heat stroke, sun burns, panting and exhaustion in the warm summer days. Therefore, take plenty of water with you and keep them hydrated by giving liquid supplies at small intervals of time. Apply sun block lotion on their ear tips, paws, legs etc. This will safeguard them against heat and sun.

Having discussed all the probable pros and cons, it is always advisable to consult a veterinarian before planning a camping excursion with the pet. He would suggest vaccinations, treatments and precautions to consider while camping with the pet. A little caution helps to avert all the concerns of camping with your four legged pal. So, keep all these points in mind and enjoy summer outing with your pet!

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