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Balanced Calcium Powder

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Balanced Calcium Powder 250gm is a perfect blend of calcium and vitamin D3 for your pets such as cats, dogs and horses. The powder is used to correct the calcium to phosphorous ratio in meat and grain based diets and to correct calcium insufficiencies.

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Balanced Calcium Powder 250gm

Balanced Calcium Powder  250gm
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Balanced Calcium Powder


Balanced Calcium Powder is a great calcium and vitamin D3 supplement.It corrects the calcium to phosphorous ration in meat and grain based diets and also meet calcium insufficiencies.


Do not use in greyhounds within 72 hours of racing.


Each kg contains 363g calcium(as 50mg calcium carbonate) 13g phosphorus(as sodium tripolyphosphate)and 2mg cholecalciferol(80,000 iu Vitamin D3).



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